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Meet David

Dr. David Kubes is an international lawyer specialising in aviation law, finance and international project management. In 2006 he opened his own boutique law firm Kubes Passeyrer Attorneys at Law. A savvy entrepreneur, he also owns several companies including an import-export company in Cuba, an Art Gallery in Vienna and his own real estate development company in Vienna. Kubes is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French and is an avid world traveller. He is a European-licenced coach and alternative dispute resolution practitioner and heads an international coaching and consulting company. He is a certified facilitator of several Access Consciousness® special programs, including Right Riches for You and Right Voice for You.

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Meet David

Dr. David Kubes was born in Vienna, Austria and always dreamed of travelling throughout the world getting to know other countries and cultures. His vivid interest for travelling and aviation led him to work during his youngster years for Austrian Airlines while studying Law at the University in Vienna. Later in this path, he made his Doctorate thesis degree “The Liability of Airlines pursuant to the 1999 Montreal Convention”, specializing in Aviation law. In 2006 he opened his own law firm Kubes Passeyrer Attorneys at Law. That same year, he specialized himself in Conflict Management and Mediation, crisis intervention and dispute resolution.
Dr. Kubes is also a Businessman at heart, owning a real estate development company in Vienna, an Art Gallery and an import-export company in Cuba.
While managing his own businesses and law firm, he also acts as Access Consciousness International Lawyer, is a Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and of other specialty programs such as Joy of Business, Right Riches for You and Right Voice For You.
He is fluent in German, English, Spanish and French; and although he did not become a pilot, he is indeed an avid world traveler, exploring the globe and always looking for new and greater possibilities.

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Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness empowers people to help themselves. It is available to everyone, can be included in your everyday life, and can be applied without outside help.

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Money Classes With David

Dr. David Kubes tours the world offering classes and private sessions using the tools of Access Consciousness®. Here are a few questions he invites you to begin asking:

What would your life be like if you had total ease with money rather than being in lack of it?

What if money was the result of your creation rather than the source of it?

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Actions For Futures

Actions for Futures is about empowering people to create the future that is truly possible. The target is to create a fund with over a hundred million dollars that will be able to support what is creating the bigger change for the future. The change that is truly required, and possible

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