Why Business Etiquette is Never Out of Fashion

etiquette Nov 21, 2019

To understand why business etiquette is never out of fashion, we have to go back in time. The initial idea of etiquette was not to tell you what to do or to make you wrong for not creating separation between social classes. Rather etiquette was designed to honor the person you are with, to show them respect and to treat them kindly and elegantly. It was part of celebration of life, and a way to create a special moment where you enjoy and honor yourself and those around you.

Taking these thoughts and ideas about etiquette to 2020 will immediately change our point of view about etiquette. Business etiquette defines standards to not offend each other without knowing, to create a space where people involved are honored and respected. When you are in business you want to create business relationships, sell your product and at the end make money. Following business etiquette is not about copying others...

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Surprising Money Advice from the World of High Finance

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2018

Renowned lawyer shares insider tips from his years overseeing top-tier financial deals

A renowned international lawyer is sharing all that he has learned from decades of overseeing massive financial transactions, and what he has to say may surprise you.

For more than twenty years, Dr. David Kubes has been involved in the world of high finance. As a renowned international aviation lawyer, import-export business owner and consultant, he knows first-hand what it takes to make successful financial decisions. Now, as a Right Riches for You facilitator, Kubes is sharing all that he has learned from the world of high finance so that the average person can learn how to make great financial decisions with the funds they have.

Surprisingly, he says the most successful transactions actually have very little to do with money. 

“What I have learned is that making good money is about doing what excites you. Everyone I know who owns and runs a huge company didn’t start with the...

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Starting a Business from “zero”

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2018

There are about 2 million business ideas out in the world that have one big thing in common: „If I had this amount of money, I would …“. Money seems to be the key element to start a business. Is this really true? Or do people use money as an excuse not to get started? 


Looking at all the big businesses that are out there gives us a different picture: none of them started with money – they started with an idea, with a vision, a dream or a passion. Was that just luck or is that something everybody can do?


Where do you actually start if you are one of those who think they need money to get a business up and running? How does all that work in reality? 


  1. Never give up – never give in


No matter where you are and what you do at the moment – never give up your ideas. And never give up trying.


Many people are frustrated because their businesses never seem to get started or no funding or money shows up that...

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What Is Your Definition of Success?

Uncategorized Apr 21, 2018

Success is mostly defined by luxury items, a certain job position or in general by society or fashion magazines: no matter where you look at – it is something that other people have decided you need to have in order to be considered successful.


What would success be for each of us if nobody had ever given us a definition? What would our own definition of success be? 


My point of view about success is different: I have no definition – Once you define something, any flexibility for something greater or new is excluded. People start to focus on whatever they have defined “their success” should look like – but does focusing really lead to success? Or does it just put more pressure on your shoulders –  to finally reach something that others have defined as a “must have” in everyone’s live?


What if success was not the amount of money you make, neither the number of likes or followers you have on social...

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