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Dealing with Difficult People

with Dr David Kubes





Do these people annoy you? disempower you? make you angry or make you wish they would just disappear? What if you made your self so powerful and potent that no one could ever annoy you or disempower you ever again?

This telecall is an invitation to be able to deal with everyone in whatever situation in a calm and clear way without ever „just giving in“.

What would your life be like if you could handle everyone, no matter how (.. insert your awareness here..) they are?

Does that sound fun?


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4 - 6 March | 5.00 pm CET 

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Meet Your Facilitator,
Dr David Kubes

David was born in Vienna, Austria and started his career as an international lawyer working in the airline industry and aircraft financing. 

In 2015, he discovered Access Consciousness ® and became a Certified Facilitator the same year.

Today, David is still managing his own businesses and law firm, became International Attorney of Access Consciousness worldwide and facilitates Telecalls and workshops around the world.