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The Access Bars®

Our brain, our thoughts and our emotions play an essential role for our wellbeing, creativity and ultimately our success. Unfortunately most people use these capacities to create limitations and doubt. Most people are really good at “being concerned” and “worrying about”. But are we using our talents and capacities, our brainpower, thoughts and emotions to reach our goals, thrive and create the life we dream of? Not yet? Let us introduce you to a set of revolutionary tools and techniques based on the newest development and cutting edge neuroscientific discoveries using the Access Consciousness® clearing method and Access Bars ®.


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30 July

2.00 - 5.00 pm


Istanbul, Turkey


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The Art Of Ease With Money

July 31 | Istanbul, Turkey

Do you currently struggle with money? Or is now the time to thrive?

Join Dr. David Kubes for an online full day class for pragmatic tools to assist you to have more ease with all things money.

Limited to the first 50 people.

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